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Ski Bus

Forget about the worry of fitting Snow Chains, sit back and let the driver do all the work. Check out the transport options with our friends at Mt Hutt Ski Bus.

From 1st September it will be compulsory to wear a face covering on all public transport under Level 2. If you are catching one of our buses this rule will apply. Face coverings can be single-use or reusable, and you can use your ski buff, bandana or scarf as a face covering. Please remember a single-use face covering can only be worn once but fabric reusable face coverings can be washed and worn again. For more information on face coverings you can visit the website.

Mt Hutt Ski Bus

The daily Mt Hutt bus service departs from most major accommodation providers in Methven with a pick-up scheduled service to and from Mt Hutt Ski Area. There is also a shuttle service from Christchurch. Please contact Methven Travel for more details.

Snowman Shuttles

Snowman Shuttles provides daily transport services from both Christchurch and Methven with departure from Christchurch each day at 7:00am, and Methven at 8.30am. You will be delivered right to the ticket office for a full day on the ski slopes. Sightseers and non-skiers are welcome. Several convenient point pick up locations across Christchurch plus door to door service in both Christchurch and Methven.